Albania - new investment destination

Albania - new investment destination

Albania - new investment destination

Albania - new investment destination

Albania - new investment destination

Albania - new investment destination

Albania - new investment destination

Why invest in Albania?

Advantages for investors:

- Albania named one of the safest countries in the world-NUMBEO 2017;

- it has been a member of NATO since 2009;

- candidate for the European Union since 2014;

- You can still get a residence permit without any problems when starting a business and investing in the Albanian economy;

- investment projects in terms of number are leading in the field of hospitality and tourism, real estate and agriculture;

- a small state in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula-360 km of coastline;

- strategically important borders for the organization of export - in the south with Greece, Macedonia-in the east, in the north with Kosovo and Montenegro-in the northwest. Via the Strait of Otranto-maritime border with southern Italy;

- the nature of Albania surprises with its virgin beauty;

- the country's shores are washed by two seas at once - the Ionian and Adriatic;

- the magnificent Mediterranean climate in the resorts attracts tourists-sunny, mild and humid winters with a minimum temperature of +10 and dry, comfortable summers with a maximum temperature of +40;

- the continental climate of the Alpine region with moderately cool winters is a bonus to seaside resorts - snow falls in the mountains in winter and ski resorts operate, and autumn and spring delight the eye with greenery and beautiful landscapes of meadows and fields;

Albania is a parliamentary republic with a reigning Prime Minister and President who are elected every five years.

In 2020, Albania became the head of the OSCE in the person of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

The official language is Albanian. The majority of the population knows Italian and Greek well, the older generation remembers Russian (it was taught in schools in the 50s), and the young people are fluent in English.

The country is rich in natural resources-oil, chromium, nickel, copper, coal, granite, gravel, marble, sea salt.

Bio-products, year-round greens, crops are removed here 2-3 times a year.

Organic, non-chemical and non-GMO farmed vegetables and fruits, as well as a well - developed agriculture make Albania interesting in the eyes of European investors-the trend towards eco-living is spreading in the world.

A bonus for starting a business in Albania is fast online registration of companies, freedom of movement of capital and income, inviolability of private property, loyal laws for most types of entrepreneurship, investments are protected by law, about 45% of imported products are tax-free.

For the third year in a row, starting from 2017, Albania is included in the world media's TOP holiday destinations, calling it the best and cheapest tourist destination in the Mediterranean. In 208-19, the country was visited by about 5 million tourists from different countries of the world.

Positive dynamics of Albania's development, the arrival of large developers and world-class hotels on the country's market, and the low price of real estate by the sea are indicators that attract investors from all over the world.